Cladkote is a 100% solids, high build two component epoxy polyamide and PVA coating which forms a tough durable film with excellent  adhension to miost
insulations including polyurethance, polyisocyanurate, phenolic and cellular glass foams. The coating provides effective water vapor barriers when applied to
air conditioing duct work and chilled water piping, Cladkote has sufficient flexibility to withstand expansion and contractions that occur within the
insulation system.


Recommended Dry Film Thickness per coat

200-250 microns by roller/spray


Rcommended thickness for the system

750 microns DFT


Theoretical coverage per mixed gallon kit

1.30m2/lt @ 750 micron



10 lts packed in 19 lt cans & 5 lts packed in 5 lt pails


As external cladding finishes over insulation with #20 glass fiber cloth reinforcement applied in three coats by roller application @ 2002-250 micron DFT per
coat. Total system thickness with glass cloth reinforecement 950 to 1000 micron DFT in three costs.

Over steel and concrete surfaces that may be expose to moderately corrosive enviornments.

As a barrier coating for concrete floors, encapsulation of asbestos.

External Usage
Incase when Cladkote is exposed to sunlight or external use then a suitable polyurethance UV top coating is necessary

Not Recommended
For containment of aromatic solvents or severely corrosive enviornments.

Temperature Resistance
Continous  60C (140F) Non continous : 93C (200F)

Shelf life
12 months when stored at 24 C in a cool place indoors in sealed containers

RAL Grey 7001 and Off white shades only

Site Application

  • Apply over insulation that has FSk or reinforced ALU Glass foil vapor barrier in place
  • Ensure the foil is dry and free for all contaminanta and oil
  • Apply a thin light coat of Cladkote putty to area that have dents or unevenness in the insulation
  • If using on external areas then apply a very thin coat of contact adhesive or cladkote. Allow it to turn tacky, while tacky fiz pre cut to size glass cloth. No 20 tightly ovetr insulation with re inforced glass tape.
  • Apply 1st coat is completely dry for over 36 hrs, then rub gently with fine sand paper for proper adhension of 2nd coat.
  • Aloow minimum of 24 hrs prior to appliocation to UV protection coating over exposed surfaces.
  • Internal areas and areas free of Human taffic over the insulation Cladkote may be applied without the need for Glass Cloth reinforcement.
Technical Date
Performances 100
Specific Gravity 1.35
Theoretical coverage @ 750 mic DFT 1.30m2/lt
practical coverage @ 750 mic DFT 1.10 - 1.15m2/lt
Drying Time in between coats 8-10 hrs
Dry in Touch 24 hrs
Surface application temperature limits min 15 C to 42 C
Application recommended rollers spray
Solvent for clean up Thinner #2
Flash point above 220 C
Pot life 30 min @ 24C
Water vapor premeability 10*10-5(m2 Hg) max ASTM E 96 procE(37.6 C, 90% R.H.)
Impact Strength DIN EN ISO 8256 >=950 KJ/m2


Avoid breathing of vapors. Through air circulation must be carried out and after application until coating is cured, If applied indoors a proper ventilation system should be used, Hyper sensitive person should wear protective coveralls and apply protective cream on face , hands and all exposed areas. Protect Cladkote from freezing during storage and use.Stir well before use, Do not apply Cladkote if temperatures are likely to drop below 5 C before the coating is dry.

NOTE: Values given against the above properties are typical and are not meant to imply specification limits and should not be used for this purpose without Summer King A/C Trading L.L.C reference. We reserve the right to amend specifications without prior notice. Whilst the information contained in the leaflet is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, all liability for error and omissions, damages or loss resulting here from is hereby excluded. Recommendations for use should be verified as to suitability and compliance with actual requirements specifications and any applicable laws and regulations.