SKAT Protection PTD Tape


Reinforced aluminium with kraft paper is an economical grade Foil-Scrim-Kraft facing with tri-directional fiberglass scrim.


Insulation facing material used for vapor barrier paper over plain fiberglass and other insulation products. Flame resistant meets ASTM-E-84 specifications.


Aluminium Foil Fiber glass reinforcing Kraft Basic Weight Tensile Strength Permeance Temp. resistance Roll size
7 mic 2/inch MD & 3/inch /XD 60 gsm 95 gsm 95 gsm 115 N/25 mm - MD37 N/25mm - XD 5.75 ng/N.s Remains Flexible & stable. No de-lamination 1200 mm * 60 mts -1000 mts

NOTE: The values and figures provided above are results of tests and subject to variation. Users are to determine the suitability of our products.