SKAT PE Protection Black & White Tape


PE protection tape has strong film backing and moderately aggressive adhesive, which does not leave residue on most of the surfaces. This tape can be used for interior as well as exterior applications.


This tape can be used as a surface protection tape on surfaces of aluminium and stainless steel; to protect it from scratches during transit or at a time of installation.


Backing Adhesion Colour Thickness in Microns
Low density polyethylene Acrylic Black & white 65 - 100 Microns


Product Width (mm) Length (Yds/Mts)
Black & White 1000 - 1250 100 - 1000
Film Temp. Resistance Tensile Strength Peel adhesion
UV Protected polyethylene up to 70oC 2.3N / inch width 400 - 600 gms / inch width

NOTE: Custom sizes can be produced as per customer's specifications